Chairwoman’s Message

Bishop the Revd. Christine Gooden Benguche
Bishop the Revd. Christine Gooden Benguche

This is a year when Morant Bay High School will have to use the School Motto (“Carpe Diem “) translated “ Seize the Opportunity”, to full advantage. The year 2020 will go down in history as a year of unprecedented occurrence. The COVID19 Pandemic placed the world in a tailspin and presented an unwritten script. With the help of the Ministry of Education and all stakeholders, we are called to seize the opportunity and rise to the challenges of ensuring that the school doors remain open and the Institution continues its tradition of Excellence.

As students and staff, you will make your mark as history makers, rising with resilience, recalling the tenacity and spirit of Paul Bogle and others who left a firm legacy of commitment and hard work.

In the absence of a written script, the Pandemic has left us to make new trails and chart new courses. With focus and determination, let us together forge a path that allows for creativity and new ways of teaching and learning but ultimately ensuring that our children are not short-changed but will be beneficiaries of a new Jamaica.

COVID19 has challenged us to become innovators and creative thinkers.

As we face a brand new year let us pledge to work together, seize the opportunity and go forward in faith with Christ as our Captain and our Head.

Parents/Guardians, members of staff, community, members of the Board and students let us join our hearts and hands together in the words of our school song:

“How marvellous the wonders thou hast taught us
And still dost teach us each succeeding day
From darkness into light, thine hand hath brought us
To fuller light directed all our way.
Though dark the path, before us brightly burning
Thy lamp lights up our footsteps through the night
From thee we came and unto thee returning
Light of the world, we find in Thee our light”

Bishop the Revd. Christine Gooden Benguche
Board of Management