Vice Principal’s Message

Marsha Ford-Bryan (Acting Vice-Principal)
Marsha Ford-Bryan (Acting Vice-Principal)

Morant Bay High School continues to be the beacon to which the residents of this parish rely on for continuity, hope and transformation. Morant Bay High is not merely an educational institution, it is the catalyst for change that is well needed in this parish and its environs. This soon to be 60 years old institution has such an affluent legacy that is so firmly grounded, it can in no way be easily eroded. It is immersed in fundamental principles that underpin our vision and mission. 

As a Christian institution, guided by the teachings of the Methodist faith, we hold true to uplifting the moral fabric of our students, all members of staff and by extension our community. We use the faith as the primary thread woven within our teaching /learning platform. We use this essential base as the main element that bolsters our resilience and our tenacity as we yearn to remain relevant within this ever changing global village. 

This COVID 19 pandemic has in fact brought to the fore that as an institution there is much more for us to accomplish if we intend to maximize on our impact. We are not the least daunted by the inevitable changes and adjustments that must be made. We are in fact comforted by the fact that we are surrounded by a wealth of resources, namely Board of Management, staff members, alumni, parents, students and well –wishers who are willing and able to go beyond the call of duty to assist in any way possible as we navigate our way through unprecedented time.  

Let us recalibrate and merge our thoughts, skills, talents and efforts to make this term as fulfilling as it can possibly be. This is a new normal for all and we will rise as long as we hold true to the partnership we share with each other.